There’s a lot of things that have helped me survive my depression so far. The Lord, family, my little girl, some very VERY good friends, therapy, medication, music, crocheting… and then also some places online. Some of them may be of use to anyone who reads this page, so please let me share a couple of them here.

Desiring God

Found on Facebook but it redirects to the website directly most of the times. Pastor John Piper has been writing blogs and articles that seem to pop up in my news feed on Facebook when I need to read and understand them most… and since I don not believe in coincidence, I believe it is Him, whispering to me…

Youversion Bible App

My help to keep reading God’s Word. With daily scriptures, all kinds of languages, you can highlight certain scriptures, share them and they even have reading plans for newbies like me.

100 Happy Days challenge

The challenge is to take 100 pictures on 100 days, of things that make you happy. All it takes is time, and attention for those little rays of light that are so easily overlooked. NOTHING to prove, nothing to lose, and much to gain from realizing there are still the little things in life that make you happy, even though you are depressed.

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