Yesterday at work I had an unexpected but very inspiring conversation with one of my clients. He has suffered a stroke and has a lot of challenges, like remembering, organizing and low energy to deal with, while raising his teenage daughters. We talked about quality of life and he told me that, as long as God is with him, he feels he will be fine, no matter what happens. This simple yet strong declaration of faith was the start of a short but meaningful talk on how God can help people through hard times, His Strength compared to our weakness and finally, on Christmas being too much of a commercial party instead of the celebration of Life it should be. We came to the conclusion that without Jesus, there is not much left to Christmas… or life.

Up to now, faith has had no real place in my workplace, though I know a couple of clients are religious. We don’t talk about it though. But this spontaneous conversation was the second time this week that God showed up at work.

Earlier this week, during the coffee break chatter, someone asked me what the reason was for my wearing my necklace with cross pendant. If it was just for show or did it have a special meaning to me. My reply was that it held special meaning to me, which resulted in the obvious question “what meaning?” I have had this questions asked before. In many places, by many people. I usually tell them “I believe in God”. This time my answer was different. I heard my voice say “It means that I believe that God sent His only Son for us to die on the cross for our sins to be forgiven”.  I have never been that open about my belief before at work in front of clients or coworkers. Yet I felt compelled to be very specific this time. And it felt good!

This morning, I drove to work and when I got close to my work, I noticed it started to rain. Or actually, I realized that “It” didn’t start to rain, but I was moving and my journey took me to a place where clouds were letting go of their liquid cargo. Usually I think of rain as something that just shows up and goes again. Something I have little to no influence on, because I am in a fixed position, at home, or at work, perhaps. So when I am in need of rain, I can not make it rain, and if I want the rain to stop, I cannot make it stop. This morning I realized that, by moving from my fixed position, I can influence whether or not I am getting rain. I can drive towards it or from the clouds, depending on whether I want to get rained on or not. I don’t generally want to, of course… but I could!

And then it dawned on me: this is exactly how my faith has been part of my life, all my life. Like rain. It comes and goes. It almost feels like God just shows up and glides over my current position… sometimes short, sometimes longer, and then He goes again, with little influence from my side on it.  But like with the rain… that is NOT how it has to be! God is always present. I don’t have to wait for His Love to rain on me until He finds me. I can move from my fixed position towards Him!

I think, since I have been trying to be more like Jesus wants me to be, I have been moving towards Him. Instead of waiting on Him to just drop by, I actively look for God’s presence in my life and He is there, with me… moving along with me to where my life takes me, places I never saw or felt Him… places like my workspace!

I am not fond of rain. So I try to avoid it when I can. But I do love God being in my life… and so I have to keep moving towards Him. Because I have learnt that, when I do, He keeps raining down His blessings upon me.




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