Putting Christ back in Christmas

The past years we have been sending our Christmas wishes the old fashioned way still…  by snail mail.  Looking back I remember buying cards with cute little penguins,  reindeer,  jolly santas or owls wearing santahats… ever careful to avoid cards that were printed with the despised “X-mas”.

But this year I felt I wanted to do something different.  I want to bring Christ back into Christmas.  With help of my little girl I picked up some empty cards, coloring stuff and started looking for nativity scenes to print and color in with her.

Our Christmas cards will be showing all our friends and family what Christmas is about,  this year.  Baby Jesus with Mary and Josef will appear in the houses of all the people we love.  Ok, there might be some unpredictable color choices made by a 4 year old who is not held to our grownup expectations yet…  but a purple faced Mary is still Mary, right!?

I found peace in coloring in those scenes,  had fun doing it with my daughter,  who is proud to be contributung. We had the cutest talks about baby Jesus in the meantime. I even ended up designing my own version of the scene in PowerPoint.  It will be among the cards that are sent this year from our house, but also here on this blog. For all who think they need more Christ this Christmas.





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